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It's not necessary to use city keyword form to change keyword match type.

What are local keywords? Why should you use local keywords?

Local keywords are the search terms that include geographical location usually used for results that are more accurate. If you’re looking for a lawyer in your location, typing simply "lawyer" you are most likely to find general terms related to your search keyword like the meaning of the term in Wikipedia, lawyer studies or lawyer services far from your location. For instance, if you live in Miami and you need lawyer services in your location, using local keyword "lawyer in Miami" will improve the relevance of search results.

Although Google is getting smarter and can indicate your location, therefore search results shown by Google automatically fit your location. So, Google will show you the service providers close to your area. Does it mean that local keywords have no more importance? Not exactly!

In fact, local keywords are still important and people use locations in their search terms for various reasons. It might be useful when you search for a certain service or products in different location.

A good example would be looking for an hotel in New York from your personal computer or smartphone that is located in San Francisco. In this case, google will show you search results related to your current location. I.e. the hotels in San Francisco. If you liked to find hotels in New York, you would better use terms like "hotels in New York".

In fact, the results that are provided from “Keyword Planner” show that people use to search service or products by default using local keywords. Therefore, using local keywords will improve your relevance and ranking compared to other results.